Two great cards for members and their children. Two incredible offers for credit unions.
LSC® has two products to help parents and their children spend safely and conveniently.

NewGen® prepaid debit card is the perfect tool to teach teens* about handling their money wisely. NewGen gives teens freedom of a debit card without the risk of overdrafts or fraud, and lets mom and dad monitor what they’re spending and where.

CUMONEY® Everyday Spend® prepaid debit card is a wonderful alternative when they head off to college. It works like a traditional debit or credit card, while offering more security. With Everyday Spend, college bound members can buy books, furnish dorm rooms, and even shop or pay bills online, knowing their personal information isn’t at risk. 

  • Safer than cash or credit cards
  • Not linked to personal account information
  • Teens and Students can only spend what’s loaded on the card
  • Convenient to track and manage with the FREE CUMONEY and NewGen mobile apps

We invite you to join us for a FREE webinar highlighting all the benefits NewGen and Everyday Spend offer your members and their children. You’ll also learn details about two special offers for these two products that make both even more beneficial for your credit union. To register, simply elect the date & time below that works best for your schedule.

Thursday, July 27, 2017, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CDT

Wednesday, August 2, 2017, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT

*NewGen cardholder must be 13 years of age or older





**A new law went into effect in the state of New York in December 2016 regarding “gift certificates” that, under the legal definition, includes gift cards and would directly affect credit unions that sell them.  Essentially the law applies to unused or inactive gift cards.
In light of this new law, we have updated our own gift card policies for New York credit unions. We have created a special infographic to explain the new law, as well as the changes LSC has made to assist our credit union partners. To view the infographic,
click here.

Do you have a Mobile Strategy and delivery channel to attract the next generation?  

Join LSC® and CU Mobile Apps® and see the future of Mobile Services!

LSC® and CU Mobile Apps® have ideas that can help your credit union compete no matter what your size or location.  Find out what a Mobile service can do for your bottom line and how to reach new members.  Learn the value of providing more than just Online Banking!

Topics Include:

Remote Deposit Capture
Mobile Marketing
Message Alerts
State of the Art Security

LSC and CU Mobile Apps have it all!

Join LSC® and CU Mobile Apps® for a free webinar to learn the value of how our Mobile App provides more that just Online Banking and see the future of Mobile Services!  Click on the date below to register!

Tuesday – August 22 – 1:00 PM Central Time

Thursday – August 31 – 10:00 AM Central Time

To get more information about offering Mobile products at your credit union, Contact: MobileSales@LSC.net

EZ Launch

EZ Launch enables credit unions to offer the benefits of a credit card without the risks, and at no additional cost. It’s an easy way to increase your bottom line, simply by referring members to the program.


LSC is committed to Helping Credit Unions Compete and fight fraud.
Please report any patterns of fraud to LSC Card Services or contact us for assistance in writing Fraud rules or other matters. Call us at 800-304-2273, or email lscriskmgmt@lsc.net.   

To access current Fraud Alerts or to find more resources relating to Risk Management, please click here.


LSC is committed to Helping Credit Unions Compete.

We can customize training especially for your credit union's needs.

Please contact LSC Card Services  and we can arrange training specific to your credit union. Call us at 800-304-2273.