NewGen® Prepaid Debit Card

The NewGen Prepaid Debit Card, for the NEW generation of members.

The NewGen Prepaid Debit Card offers a reloadable card, so teenagers can make purchases without borrowing a card from mom or dad or having to carry cash.  Parents enjoy peace of mind knowing their cards and accounts are secure.

Great opportunity to become a Teen's first financial account relationship.

 Program Description
NewGen is a Teen prepaid reloadable debit card (“NewGen Card”) purchased by an adult credit union member (“Account Owner”), on behalf of a teen who is at least 13 years old. The NewGen Card is not offered to teens under 13 years old. The NewGen Card is issued to and embossed in the name of the Teen, the Teen is the cardholder; the adult is the Account Owner. The Account Owner applies for and funds the NewGen Card, which can be done when applying or upon card receipt. The NewGen card is not directly linked to any savings, checking, or credit card account. 

Cards can be loaded at the credit union, online at cardholder website, our automatic funding feature, or through Visa ReadyLink.  

Cards can be loaded up to 5 times daily with a minimum load amount of $5, not to exceed a $2000 balance at any time.  
Cards can be used at ATMs with a PIN (daily max $300); can make merchant PIN transactions not to exceed 25 transactions daily with a $100 daily maximum limit. 

Cards can be used for merchant signature transactions not to exceed 25 transactions daily with a $200 daily maximum limit.   

Card can be used for cash advance up to two times daily, not to exceed a daily limit of $100.  

  • There is no liability for fraudulent activity* - Visa Zero Liability Coverage applies.

  • Accepted worldwide, including in-store, online, and by phone 

  • It provides ATM access with multiple surcharge free options 

  • Free Marketing Toolkit with program setup 

  • Reloadable at the credit union or online via a secure Internet site, automatic funding
    through Visa ReadyLink 

*Subject to contract terms
Need more information? Download our Fact Sheet.
Please contact LSC if you are in the CT, HI, NY or VT due specific state laws.

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For more information about our NewGen Prepaid Debit Card program, please call 800-942-7124 or email  

Need support once a program is live? The LSC Prepaid Team assists by helping you all the way, including training Credit Union staff!  Credit Unions can reach the Prepaid Team at 800-304-2273 (Option 4) or by emailing